Library Management : Leadership Style Strategies and Organizational Climate

Ajit Singh Siwatch, Shree, 2004, viii, 279 p, tables, ISBN : 818865860X, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Library Management : Leadership Style Strategies and Organizational Climate/Ajit Singh Siwatch

Contents: Preface. 1. Philosophy of leadership. 2. Current state of university and research institutes libraries. 3. Leadership in university library working. 4. Relationship among leadership pattern of librarians. 5. Strategy and organizational climate. References. Appendix.

"In this modern era of science and technology, with the emergence of multinational corporations and groups, the much effective and result-oriented leadership styles and strategies of the leaders or the executives and their relationship with subordinates have been a subject of examination and research for some years.

The present study begins with an examination of the philosophy of leadership style and strategies conducted by several research scholars pertaining to different organisations and groups. The results show that dynamic leadership style and strategies require deep knowledge, competence, experience, high skills and amicable relations with the subordinates.

In the light of these results and surveys a study of leadership style and strategies relating to university librarians and their subordinates was carried out in which all participated and cooperated voluntarily with enthusiasm. The results found were positively correlated, task oriented, participative, situational and full of personalized attention.

In today's perspective this publication on library management, leadership styles and strategies and organisational climate will go a long way in understanding the effective service oriented efforts of the university librarians and the subordinates in the larger academic interest of the users." (jacket)

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