Government NGO Interface in Development Management

Afroza Begum, AH Development Publishing House, 2003, Reprint, xiii, 178 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 984836000X, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Government-NGO Interface in Development Management/Afroza Begum

Contents: 1. Prologue. 2. Basic concepts and approaches. 3. Development management in Bangladesh: structure and process. 4. Role of the NGOs: a global perspective. 5. NGOs in Bangladesh: an overview. 6. The legal and regulatory framework for the NGOs in Bangladesh. 7. Government-NGO collaboration: regional focus. 8. NGOs in health and population management. 9. Go-NGO collaboration in Bangladesh: case study of two selected programs. 10. Conclusions and recommendations.

"The study leading to this publication was conducted to obtain an overview of the government of Bangladesh policies regarding the Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) engaged in development; to examine the existing modalities to collaboration between the government and the NGOs; and to see whether those models were viable. It also aims at making an assessment of the strengths and weakness of those models in fulfilling the development need of Bangladesh.

Development administration and development management are explained as different approaches; the structure and process of development management in Bangladesh is also presented. Moreover, the book elaborates on the institution building and its major features within the broad framework of development management. Attempts are made to define and categories the NGOS.

The book also explains the institutional strategies of the NGOs and presents different view on the possible relationships between the government and the NGOs. In this context, it shows the genesis, function, strengths and weaknesses of the NGOS both the global and at the national levels. Views and debate on the role of the discussed. Government-NGO collaboration projects, existing legal framework as well as strengths and weaknesses of collaborative programs are also covered." (jacket)

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