Masterpieces of Traditional Indian Architecture

Satish Grover, Roli, 2004, 144 p, ISBN : 8174362932, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Masterpieces of Traditional Indian Architecture/Satish Grover

Contents: 1. Introduction: a perspective view of traditional Indian architecture. 2. Karle Cave: Womb of calm. 3. Sanchi Stupa : centred sublimity. 4. Kailashnath Temple: pure rock concert. 5. Khajuraho : to God, to love. 6. Sun Temple: Chariot fire. 7. Dilwara Temple: dazzling wealth. 8. Meenakshi Temple: into the light of darkness. 9. Vijayanagar: divine city. 10. Qutub Minar: ascent of the crescent. 11. Fatehpur Sikri: Grand Red Folly. 12. Gol Gumbaz: bubble over bleakness. 13. Padmanabhapuram: feminine timber. 14. Jaisalmer: curved in sand. 15. Taj Mahal: Phantasmal perfection. Glossary. Bibliography.

"Masterpieces of Traditional Indian Architecture takes the reader through the centuries and gives a rich insight into her heritage and architecture. For years the preserve of scholars, this is a presentation of the myriad forms, schools and styles of architecture in an informative yet reader-friendly manner focusing on aspects of Indian aesthetics, principles of engineering, history and the philosophic ideas that impart to Indian architecture its grandeur and majesty.

Masterpieces of Traditional Indian Architecture is a comprehensive book that illustrates the evolution of architectural forms and their usage over the centuries. It explains how different cultures, religions and people have contributed in the making of distinctive styles. These have created stupendous architectural marvels: from the towering Minars of Islamic architecture to the exquisite cave architecture of the Buddhists, from the dazzling Dilwara Temple to the glorious Sun temple.

It is a book replete with the history of Indian architecture, brilliant visuals and illuminating perspectives." (jacket)

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