Limnology in the Indian Subcontinent

A.R. Zafar, Atiya Khanum and K. Satya Mohan, Ukaaz Pub, 2005, xviii, 327 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8188279196, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Limnology in the Indian Subcontinent/A.R. Zafar, Atiya Khanum and K. Satya Mohan

Contents: 1. The study of limnology/K. Munster Strom. 2. Genesis of the lakes of the Indian subcontinent/A.R. Zafar. 3. The lakes of Kashmir/D.P. Zutshi and Shashi Kant. 4. The lakes of Kumaun/S.M. Das. 5. Coastal lakes of India/V. Seshavatharam. 6. Physico-chemical complexes of fresh water lakes/K. Satya Mohan, N. Satyanarayana Reddy, Mary Esther Cynthia and Atiya Khanum. 7. On the distribution of microbes in freshwater lakes and techniques of their study/C.V. Rao and G. Seenayya. 8. Bacteria - a limnological perspective/S.I. Ilyas. 9. Phytoplankton/Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson. 10. Algal mats/Atiya Khanum. 11. Macrophytes/R.S. Ambasht. 12. Primary production in lentic water ecosystem/K. Satya Mohan. 13. Primary production of periphyton in two lakes of the Hyderabad metropolis/E. Maheshwar Rao. 14. Zooplankton/I. Seshagiri Rao. 15. Fish in relation to water quality/Arun G. Jhingran. 16. Eutrophication/Atiya Khanum. 17. Mathematics of cleaning Husain Sagar lake from its pollution load/N. Satyanarayana Reddy. 18. Osman Sagar lake Hyderabad - a case study/K. Satya Mohan. 19. Limnology of the Himayath Sagar lake/N. Satyanarayana Reddy. 20. Aufwuchs (periphyton) of three Kashmir lakes/Syed Ghulam Sarwar. Appendices. Index.

"It is the first ever scientific account of the lakes of the Indian subcontinent written by prominent researchers and university teachers associated with this field. The book encompasses the genesis of the lake basins of the Himalayas, sub-Himalayas and the Indo-Gangetic plain and vividly portrays the ecological behaviour of the lakes of certain limnologically distinct regions, viz., Kashmir, Kumaun and the coastal plains. The articles on the water chemistry, microbes, phytoplankton, algal mats, zooplankton, macrophytes, periphyton and fish are comprehensive and lucid and are meticulously edited to achieve uniformity in presentation and treatment of subject. Articles on such scantily investigated aspects as production and eutrophication have also been covered, which will, hopefully, serve as the basis and set guidelines for further researches. The last chapter designated as 'Indices' contains basic facts and figures concerned with the water economy of India; certain limnological generalizations acclaimed the world over; and, an inventory of important lakes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with brief notes on their geographical position, physiographical dimensions and present state of ecological investigations. It is hoped that this compilation will serve as a manual of limnological researches in India and will be useful to students, researchers and planners alike."

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