So Many Journeys by Bharatanatyam Dancer

Geeta Chandran, Niyogi Offset Pvt. Ltd, 2005, 221 p, photographs, ISBN : 8190193600, $160.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

So Many Journeys by Bharatanatyam Dancer/Geeta ChandranContents: 1. Anjali : the beginning. 2. Guru Dakshina : the sacred relationship between Guru and disciple. 3. Navadarshanam: a re-evaluation of tradition, expanding frontiers and changing prisms. 4. Rasika: the audience and how the dance is viewed. 5. Bhakti: mythological content of the dance narrative. 6. She-Rahasyam: evolving gender dimensions in the dance. 7. Samarpan: concluding thoughts.
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