Christianity and Culture

Santosh Thomas, Mittal, 2005, ix, 333 p, ISBN : 8183240054, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christianity and Culture/Santosh Thomas

Contents: Preface. 1. Expansion of Christendom. 2. New situation in the nineteenth century. 3. Missionary theory and instrumentalities. 4. Leading Christian ideas from St. Augustine. 5. Impact of the idea of progress. 6. Marxist and Christian eschatologies. 7. Cultural response of east to the western invasion. 8. Christianity in India. 9. Christianity in Japan. 10. Christianity in China. 11. Resurgence of the non-Christian religions. 12. Significance of Christian Missions. 13. Future of Christian culture and civilization. Bibliography. Index.

"Everybody today speaks about the meeting of Christianity and the great non-Christian religions, and these observers include half-educated, educated and academic people. This speaking is far too vague and general. Academically trained people, especially most theologians, imagine too often that they can approach this "meeting" with handbook-knowledge about these religions.

The historical development of Christian theology has not been neglected in the book, but the primary intent is to stress the relevance of Christian culture to any serious reflection on the meaning of life and to stress this relevance in terms that are understandable to most people.

This book attempts to interpret Christianity in terms of a people created by God's activity in history, and its pattern is therefore drawn from the implications of the proclamation of the Gospel rather than from the more traditional outline of God, man, sin and salvation." (jacket)

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