Metamorphism and Crustal Evolution

Edited by H. Thomas, Atlantic, 2005, xviii, 389 p, figs, ISBN : 8126904364, $61.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Metamorphism and Crustal Evolution/edited by H. Thomas

Contents: Preface. I. Metamorphism: 1. The granulite facies, crustal melting, and prograde and retrograde phase equilibria in metapelities at the amphibolite to granulite facies transition/Johnson Tim E and M. Brown. 2. Evolution of early proterozoic metamorphism within Tim-Yastrebovskaya paleorift, Voronezh crystalline massif, East-European platform: metapelite systematics, phase equilibrium, and P.T. conditions/Tatyana N. Polyakova, Konstantin A. Savko and Vyacheslav Yu Skryabin. 3. Metamorphosed carbonate-evaporitic rocks at transition of high-pressure amphibolite/eclogite facies conditions: a case study from the sare sang lapis-lazuli deposit (Afghanistan)/Shah Wali Faryad. 4. Petrogenesis and evolution of pena negra, ananateetic in the complex in the Spanish central system/M. Dolores Pereira Gomez. 5. Polymetamorphism in the archaean gneiss complex Shivpura Gyangarh district Bhilwara Rajasthan/H. Thomas. 6. IBC granulite in clockwise pressure-temperature regime: a case form the Orissa sector of Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt/S.C. Patel. II. Fluids: 7. Carobonates in fledspathic gneisses from the granulite facies: implications for the formation CO2-rich fluid inclusions/William Lamb. III. Himalayan metamorphism: 8. Growth and exhumation of the lower crust of the Kohistan Arc, NW Himalayas/T. Yoshino and T. Okudaira. 9. Evidence of upper ambhibolite facies metamorphism from Almora Nappe, Kumaun Himalaya/Mallikarjun Joshi and A.N. Tiwari. 10. Is Muscovite in the Mandi Granite Primary? a guide to distinction between the lower Paleozoic and tertiary granites of the Himalayas/S. Nag, S. Sengupta and P.K. Verma. 11. Modelling of P-T-t paths constrained by mineral chemistry and Monazite dating of metapelites in relationship to MCT activity in Sikkim Eastern Himalayas/Chandra S. Dubey, E. Catlos and B.K. Sharma. IV. UHP/UHIT metamorphism: 12. UHP metamorphism and continental subduction/collision/J.G. Liou, T. Tsujimori, I. Katayama and S. Maruyama. 13. UHT metamorphism and continental orogenic belts/A. Mohan, I.N. Sharma and P.K. Singh. V. Geochronology and geochemistry: 14. Single Zircon dating of hypersthene-bearing granitoid from Balaram-Abu road area, southern part of the Aravalli Mountains, NW India-- implications for Malani magmatism related thermal event/A.B. Roy, Alfred Korner, Vivek Laul and Ritesh Purohit. 15. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of high grade granulites from Kodaikanal, South India/D. Prakash and H. Thomas. 16. The lower crust of the Indian shield, its characteristics and evolution/T.M. Mahadevan.

"This book is in commemoration of the life and work of Professor R.S. Sharma, an eminent metamorphic petrologist and mineralogist, It incorporates the latest developments in the field of metamorphic petrology. The volume is divided into five sections namely Metamorphism, Fluid processes, Himalayan metamorphism , UHP/UHT metamorphism and geochronology and geochemistry. The book would be of great interest to all geoscientists concerned with metamorphic processes and crustal evolution."

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