A Compendium of Terms in Ecology and Environment

R.N. Basu, Naya Udyog, 2004, xii, 670 p, ISBN : 8185971358, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Compendium of Terms in Ecology and Environment/R.N. Basu

"Ecology and environment, two inseparable sides of the currency of the natural world, constitute an all embracing and fascinating subject that confronts present-day mankind in a very big way. The highly multidisciplinary nature of the subject makes it imperative on the part of interested people to become acquainted with technical and semitechnical terms in ecology and environment. The present book is an endeavour to foster that much needed acquaintance. Over nine thousand terms, arranged alphabetically in a dictionary fashion, have been elucidated and whenever necessary discussed a bit elaborately with utmost simplicity, lucidity and precision, keeping in mind a general readership of the subject. The compendium has been enriched by the addition of an elaborate appendix on relevant information and data on earth's material and human resources, endangered flora and fauna, environmental quality standards, units and physico-chemical constants, and physico-chemical laws and principles governing nature and natural processes. The compendium apart from its usefulness to teachers, environmental engineers, researchers and students should be of great help to social scientists and sociologists, policy-planners and politicians as well." (jacket)

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