A Discourse on Indo European Languages and Culture

Edited by D.N. Tripathi, Manak, 2005, xii, 420 p, figs, ISBN : 8178271206, $61.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Discourse on Indo European Languages and Culture/edited by D.N. Tripathi

Contents: Introduction. I. The problem of Indo-European homeland: 1. The Indo-European homeland: an Indian perspective/D.N. Tripathi. 2. The Indo-European cloudland/Michel Danino. 3. Some thoughts on the home of Indo-European languages and culture/B.B. Lal. 4. Archaeology, culture and world-view: an analysis/Ramashray Roy. 5. Tenability of the hypotheses on Indo-European homeland and culture/Om Prakash. II. Philological / linguistic approaches: 6. Continuity of the Indus civilization as seen through the language/Madhusudan Mishra. 7. Indo-European original home and language are myths/Ajay Mitra Shastri. 8. Vedic language: the real Indo-European/T.P. Verma. III. Puranic / Rigvedic readings: 9. Arya,, Aarya, Aaryavarta: a paean to nation/Shrutidhari Singh. 10. A note on Rigvedic agriculture/V.K. Thakur. 11. Rigveda and the Harappan civilization/R.S. Bisht. IV. Archaeological perspectives: 12. Archaeology of Pakistan and north and central India during fourth-first millennia BC and its bearing on the dispersal of Indo-Aryans/.V.N. Misra. 13. Movement of Aryans in India: literary and archaeological data/K.N. Dikshit. 14. Artefact to ethnicity: an archaeological approach to the Aryan problem/M.K. Dhavalikar. 15. Genesis of the Harappan civilization/M.D.N. Sahi. 16. Identity of the Rigvedic Aryans: archaeological perspective/V.D. Misra. 17. Advent of the Aryans: a non-event/B.P. Sinha. V. Saraswati civilization through remote sensing: 18. Original home of the early Rigvedic people: archaeology, remote sensing and literature/S.P. Gupta. VI. Hydrological / environmental evidence: 19. Indus civilization and the problem of Aryans/D.P. Agrawal. VII. Astrometry:  20. Reaching antiquity of the Vedas: astronomical and linguistic ways/Mohan Gupta. VIII. Folklore tradition: 21. Ritual tradition of pastoralists of southern Deccan with special reference to Rudra-Siva/M.L.K. Murty. IX. Abstracts: 22. Archaeological discoveries at Rakhigarhi: cultural significance/Amarendra Nath. 23. Europe as the Indo-European homeland: a peep into its genesis/Devender Swaroop. X. Hindi papers (2 articles). Bibliography. Index.

"The book, A Discourse on Indo European Languages and Culture, edited by Professor D.N. Tripathi, is a revised and reorganized presentation of papers read at a seminar held on 7-9 January 2002 at India International Centre, New Delhi, jointly sponsored by Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi and the Centre for the Study of Indian Tradition, Madhubani. Besides scholarly papers, Prof. Tripathi provides an illuminative introduction to the seminar theme.

The book looks at the problem in the light of new evidences and perspectives, and critically reviews the various theories on the subject. The book urges fresh efforts in this area focusing on the period of Rigveda as well as the inadequacy of the dispersal theory of languages and underlines the need to focus scholarly gaze on indigenous origin and growth of languages. Arranged in 25 chapters by eminent scholars, the collection provides readings in archaeology, linguistics, remote sensing, palaeoclimatology, palaeo-astronomy and archaeo-genetics, and a veritable combination of them, related with the issue of original homeland for Indo-
European languages and culture. This volume is one set of discourse in the hermeneutic of differential readings in the present horizon of debate." (jacket)

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