Molecular Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees

Edited by Sandeep Kumar and Matthias Fladung, International, 2005, Reprint, xx, 436 p, ISBN : 8181890779, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Molecular Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees/edited by Sandeep Kumar and Matthias FladungContents: Preface. I. Forest tree functional genomics: 1. Functional genomics in forest trees/Alison M. Morse, Janice E.K. Cooke and John M. Davis. 2. Expressed sequence tag databases from forestry tree species/Timothy J. Strabala. 3. Proteomics for genetic and physiological studies in forest trees: application in maritime pine/Christophe Plomion, Jean-Marc Gion, Nasser Bahrman, Celine Lalanne, Paulo Costa, Delphine Madur, Christian Dubos, Cedric Pionneau, Jean-Marc Frigerio and Sophie Gerber. 4. Exploring the transcriptome of the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis/Francis Martin, Annegret Kohler, Sebastien Duplessis and Denis Tagu. II. Molecular biology of wood formation: 5. Genomics of wood formation/Jae-Heung Ko, Sunchung Park, Jaemo Yang, Kyung-Hwan Han and Sookyung Oh. 6. Molecular genetics of cellulose biosynthesis in trees/Chandrashekhar P. Joshi. 7. Tuning lignin metabolism through genetic engineering in trees/Lise Jouanin and Thomas Goujon. 8. In vitro systems for the study of wood formation/Mathew A. Leitch and Gerd Bossinger. III. Forest tree transgenesis: 9. Genetic modification in conifer forestry: state of the art and future potential--a case study with Pinus radiata/Christian Walter, Armando McDonald, Julia Charity, Ralf Moller, Lloyd Donaldson, Armin Wagner and Lynette Grace. 10. Transgenic forest trees for insect resistance/Wang Lida, Han Yifan and Hu Jianjun. 11. Modification of flowering in forest trees/Juha Lemmetyinen and Tuomas Sopanen. 12. Stability of transgene expression in aAspen/Sandeep Kumar and Matthias Fladung. 13. Asexual production of marker-free transgenic aspen using MAT vector systems/Hiroyasu Ebinuma, Saori Endo, Koichi Sugita, Keiko Yamada-Watanabe and Etsuko Matsunaga. IV. Genome mapping in forest trees: 14. High-density linkage maps in conifer species and their potential application/Enrique Ritter, Jean-Michel Favre, Santiago Espinel and Matthias Fladung. 15. Microsatellites in forest tree species: characteristics, identification and applications/Giovanni G. Vendramin, Ivan Scotti and Birgit Ziegenhagen. 16. Genome mapping in Populus/Maria Teresa Cervera, Veronique Storme, Mitchell M. Sewell, Wout Boerjan and Patricia Faivre-Rampant. 17. Genetic mapping in acacias/Penelope A. Butcher. Index.
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