North East India in Perspective : Biology, Socio-Cultural Formations and Contemporary Problems

Edited by Rajat Kanti Das and Debashis Basu, Akansha, 2005, xiv, 290 p, ISBN : 8187606908, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

North East India in Perspective : Biology, Socio-Cultural Formations and Contemporary Problems/edited by Rajat Kanti Das and Debashis Basu

Contents: Preface. I. Introducing North East India: 1. A profile of North-East India and its disadvantaged populations/B. Dutta Roy. II. Population, genetics, health: 2. Emerging trends in genetic epidemiology of haemoglobinopathy in the seven sister states of North Eastern India/R.S. Balgir. 3. Genetic heterogeneity and population structure: a study of North East India with reference to neighbouring populations/Debashis Basu, Vikrant Kumar and B. Mohan Reddy. 4. Genetic relationships of two Tibeto-Burman speaking tribal groups of North East India with two other Indian tribal groups speaking different languages/C.S. Chakrabarti, M. Roy, N.K. Sengupta, R. Lalthantluanga and P.P. Majumder. 5. Distance between the Semsa and other Mongoloid populations of Assam and Meghalaya in respect of certain genetic traits/D.K. Limbu. 6. Dermatoglyphics of the Tai-Phakes of Assam/Tiluttoma Baruah. 7. A framework for studying health maintenance behaviours among the Meiteis of Cachar district of Assam/Arupendra Mozumdar, Sujata Kar and Subrata K. Roy. III. Tribe and ethnicity, culture and identity, development and problems of change: 8. Tribes among tribes: progression in interaction/R.K. Bhattacharya. 9. Communities of modern times: a note on the political anthropology of modern Assam/Samir Kumar Das. 10. Ethnicity and social transformation in North-East India/Ajit K. Danda. 11. Ethnic conflict and self-determination: examples of North-East Indian tribes/Rajat Kanti Das. 12. On the movements for autonomy and statehood in North-East India/Debnarayan Modak. 13. All for a buffalo: events, nature and historiography of a tribal insurgency in colonial India (1982-83)/Sajal Nag. 14. Traditional tribal self-governing institutions of Meghalaya: the Khasi Syiem/C. Reuben Lyngdoh and L.S. Gassah. 15. Striking a dynamic equilibrium: a study on continuity and change among the Ahoms of Lakhimipukhuri-Jaikhamdang village, Sibsagar, Assam/N.K. Gogoi. 16. Social offences and penalties imposed on Garo offenders/Julius L.R. Marak. 17. The Purum: cultural drift and the problem of identity/Manis Kumar Raha. 18. A note on the cultural background of Kamtapur movement in North Bengal/Rajatsubhra Mukhopadhyay. 19. Prospects and problems of tribal development: a case study from Arunachal Pradesh/Geetanjali Baruah. Index.

"The trend of social science research that has been set in North-East India during the past 50 years or so has given rise to a regional approach to the socio-demographic and socio-cultural domains of existence reflected in the lifestyles of the original people, particularly the tribals, who though disadvantaged in many respects, seem to have a kind of natural association with the region.

Given the variations at biological demographic, socio-cultural and political levels of existence in North-East India, it becomes necessary to examine the situation as it is prevailing here in proper perspective. The present exercise makes an attempt in that direction. The contributions included in this volume are aimed at analyzing the diverse formations of North-East India in different perspectives ranging from population, biogenetic structure and community health on the one side to socio-cultural formations, ethnicity, politics, community interests and developmental changes on the other. Ethnicity-dominated movements are suggestive of a process of political resurgence and reorientation, but these need to be seen in multidimensional setting. An exercise of this dimension requires a comprehensive knowledge about different perspectives of human existence. The book may be helpful to develop such an outlook." (jacket)

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