Modern Concepts in Agriculture

Dilip Kumar Dasgupta, International Book Distributing Co, 2005, ix, 152 p, ISBN : 8181890728, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Modern Concepts in Agriculture/Dilip Kumar Dasgupta

Contents: 1. Philosophy of agro-climatic planning in agriculture. 2. Biodiversity in agriculture. 3. Sustainable agriculture. 4. Role of biotechnology in agriculture. 5. Impact of global warming on agriculture. 6. Integrated watershed management. 7. Implications of GATT in agriculture. 8. The agricultural information system. 9. Logistics of infrastructure development to promote export of agricultural produce. 10. Transfer of technology in the context of globalisation of agriculture. 11. Food from the ocean. 12. Agriculture-based vocational courses. References. Subject Index.

"The proposed title contains abridged latest information on most modern concepts in agriculture, beginning with agro-climatic planning to vocational education in agriculture. In between, there are explicit discussions on topics like biodiversity and role of biotechnology in agriculture. Other topics include impact of global warming in agriculture which has been a great concern to all the countries of the world. That agriculture is on a cross road due to globalisation has also been highlighted. Possibility of harvesting non-conventional food from the ocean in future has also been discussed elaborately."

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