Agrometeorology : Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture

Harpal S. Mavi and Graeme J. Tupper, International Book Distributing Co, 2005, Reprint, xvi, 364 p, figs, ISBN : 8181890760, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agrometeorology : Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture/Harpal S. Mavi and Graeme J. Tupper

Contents: Preface. 1. Agrometeorology: perspectives and applications. 2. Solar radiation and its role in plant growth. 3. Environmental temperature and crop production. 4. Climatological methods for managing farm water resources. 5. Drought monitoring and planning for mitigation. 6. Climate, crop pests, and parasites of animals. 7. Remote-sensing applications in agrometeorology. 8. Role of computer models in managing agricultural systems. 9. Agroclimatological services. 10. Using climate information to improve agricultural systems. 11. Climate change and its impact on agriculture. References. Author index. Subject index.

From the preface: "Agrometeorology: Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture is written in a simple and descriptive style. Examples of climate applications in agriculture (methods, techniques, models, and services) are mainly from Australia. Nevertheless, the majority of these applications hold true for other countries, especially those countries with climatic patterns and agricultural systems similar to those of Australia. The book is relevant to global agriculture and is documented with the latest literature from international research journals. A range of topics has been covered that could generate the interest of a large cross section of people. Care has been taken that the material covered is a blend of different views of faculties of physical and biological sciences. It covers material that is taught in several disciplines of scientific education. In addition to use as a text in the discipline of agrometeorology, this book is applicable to several courses taught across other disciplines at the college and university level."

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