Educational Administration, Supervision and School Management

Jagannath Mohanty, Deep and Deep, 2013, Reprint, xviii, 466 p, ISBN : 8176296767, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Educational Administration, Supervision and School Management/Jagannath Mohanty

Contents: Preface. I. Educational administration: 1. The theory of educational administration. 2. Planning and management of education. 3. Educational administration as a social process: its principles and precepts. 4. Agencies and managements of educational administration. 5. Structure of educational administration at the national and state level. 6. New trends, practices and innovations in educational administration. 7. Making the education system work. 8. Education as human resource development. 9. Educational planning: meaning, importance, types and basics. 10. Financing education in India. 11. Resource constraints and privatisation of education. 12. Research in educational administration and management. 13. Role of UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank and UNFPA in financing education. II. Educational inspection and supervision: 14. Meaning, nature and agencies of inspection and supervision. 15. The role, functions and scope of supervision. 16. Objectives, organisation and planning of supervision. 17. Evaluation, reporting and follow-up of supervision and inspection. 18. Selection, status, service conditions and professional growth of supervisors. 19. Professional growth and professional ethics. III. School organisation and management: 20. The school and its teaching staff. 21. The headmaster: his duties and responsibilities. 22. The school plant. 23. Co-curricular activities. 24. The managing committee: its role, constitution and functions. 25. The inspecting officers. 26. The supervisor and his relationship with others. 27. School and community: their roles and relations. 28. Parent-teacher association and voluntary organisations. 29. Operation blackboard. 30. Improving the classroom transaction. 31. School timetable: need, importance and types. Bibliography. Index.

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