Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding

Mina Singh, Rupa, 2005, x, 110 p, plates, ISBN : 8129106337, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding/Mina Singh

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. The engagement. 3. Pre-nuptial ceremonies. 4. The wedding procession. 5. The marriage ceremony. 6. The reception. 7. On Sikhism. Appendix. Glossary. Index.

"Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding is the first comprehensive book on the religious ceremonies of the Sikh marriage, known as the Anand Karaj. Two major developments - the existence of a large number of expatriate Sikh communities in distant lands and the increasing number of marriages between Sikhs and adherents of other religions - have prompted the writing of this book. With pictures by well-known photographer Raghu Rai, Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding aims at providing useful information not only to those planning a Sikh wedding, but also to those interested in learning more about the social customs and religious practices of India's most colourful community.

According to Sikhism, marriage is a necessary fulfilment because through marriage the highest form of love, the love for the Divine, may be experienced. This book outlines in detail the numerous social customs, joyous ceremonies and solemn rites that are performed during a Sikh wedding, which may extend over a week. It includes detailed information about pre-nuptial celebrations and ceremonies, such as the sangeet and mehndi, concluding with the doli and reception, which follow the Anand Karaj. With intra-community marriages on the increase, this book aims to provide the younger generation all the information they need to organise a wedding according to Sikh traditions."

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