A Comprehensive History of Indian Buddhism

Asim Kumar Chatterjee, Punthi Pustak, 2005, 318 p, plates, ISBN : 8186791531, $95.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Comprehensive History of Indian Buddhism/Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Sources. 2. Ancestry of Gautama Buddha. 3. Gautama's early life. 4. Gautama's boyhood. 5. Gautama's married life. 6. Pre-enlightenment days. 7. Gautama obtains Bodhihood. 8. Gautama's earlier years as a teacher. 9. Gautama returns to Uruvela. 10. The Sakyan disciples. 11. The Brahmin disciples. 12. Gautama's lay-male disciples. 13. The royal disciples. 14. Culla and Mahaniddesas. 15. Buddhism in the pre-Christian period. 16. Last eight years. 17. Vedic thinkers and Gautama Buddha. 18. History of Pali Buddhist literature -- including Digha Nikaya. 19. The two epics and the Buddhist literature. 20. The Anguttara Nikaya. 21. The Majjhima Nikaya. 22. The Samyutta Nikaya. 23. The Khuddakanikaya. 24. Hist of the Jatakas. 25. The Buddhist Jatakas. 26. Caste-system in the Jatakas. 27. Women in the Jatakas. 28. Economic life in the Jatakas. 29. Religious life in the Jatakas. 30. Position of king in the Tripitaka. 31. Position of king in the Jatakas. 32. Menander the Great Buddhist. 33. Buddhism in Eastern India. 34. Buddhism in Kashmir and North-West India. 35. Buddhism in Pakistan. 36. Buddhism in South India. 37. Buddhism in the Gupta period. 38. Buddhism in the early medieval period (N. India). 39. The Lalitavistara. 40. The Mahavastu. 41. The Divyavadana. 42. Places visited by Gautama. 43. Buddha's personality as known from the Tripitaka. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

"This work, like his great work on Jainism, is a very informative text on the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha. It also contains chapters on the Pitakas and other Sanskrit Buddhist texts. We have no doubt that this work will be generously received by the scholars interested in Buddhism." (jacket)

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