Sorcerer's Spring

Dhruva Chak, Rupa, 2005, pbk, viii, 204 p, ISBN : 8129106264, $12.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Sorcerer's Spring/Dhruva Chak

Contents: Prologue. 1. The Isle of Wizards. 2. A clash of swords. 3. A tale of treachery, a tale of love. 4. Carthus investigates. 5. A gift for Dimbo. 6. The mending of wurm. 7. Carthus makes a discovery. 8. The Warlock's challenge. 9. The battle at the Fen. 10. The reluctant Orphan. 11. The mirror of eternity. 12. A wedding and a crowning.

"The last battle for Xalon resulted in a uneasy truce. Morf's defeated warriors, Sarcus, broadwitch and Wurm are brooding darkly, nursing their resentment and injured pride, camped under the Magus watchful eye, in Cold Mountain. Morf is an expert at fanning hatred. . .

Morf steals into the Isle of Wizards and tears out pages from the Scrolls of Fate but cannot replace them with a history of his own making, for he is interrupted by footsteps racing towards him. He escapes with the pages he has torn out but now requires an opportunity to return to complete his mission. Horos, aided by a brilliant young Wizard, Krystal, and his team of warriors, Carthus and Orphan, Dimbo the one-armed dwarf and trueblade the king of Xalon must recover the torn pages or history will be distorted. The suffering will be unimaginable. . ."

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