Mangal Pandey : Brave Martyr or Accidental Hero?

Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Penguin, 2005, pbk, x, 110 p, ISBN : 0143032569, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mangal Pandey : Brave Martyr or Accidental Hero?/Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Contents: 1. 29 March 1857. 2. Life of a sepoy. 3. The greased cartridge. 4. Chapati, rumours and prophecy. 5. The trial. Epilogue. Appendix: 1. Excerpts from documents on the trial of Mangal Pandey. 2. Mutinies in North India, disarmed regiments and other corps that mutinied. Notes. Bibliography.

"Lively, thought-provoking as well as scholarly, Rudrangshu Mukherjee's analysis of this emotive episode in Indian history presents a vivid picture of life in the barracks of the East India Company's cantonments in 1857, describes the social customs and military regulations that governed the daily routines of Mangal Pandey and other Indian sepoys, and examines the controversies and unrest that foreshadowed the 1857 rising.

Uncovering the hard facts behind the myths and conjectures of popular belief, nationalist rhetoric and cinematic imagination, this book provides, for the first time, a credible portrait of Mangal Pandey as he really was."

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