Dalit Women : Issues and Perspectives

Edited by Mamta Rajawat, Anmol, 2005, x, 361 p, tables, ISBN : 8126120878, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Dalit Women : Issues and Perspectives/edited by Mamta Rajawat

Contents: Preface. 1. Being Dalit and woman. 2. Issues at stake. 3. Plight of womanhood. 4. Status in society. 5. Current state. 6. Social stratification. 7. The emancipation. 8. Social structure. 9. Institution of family. 10. Economic aspects. 11. Social mobility. 12. Women's lib. 13. Changing face. 14. Modern Dalit woman. 15. New role. 16. Statistical data: Marriage statistics. Bibliography. Index.

"Though as a general category, all women face the problems of discrimination and denial of natural justice. Within women also there is inequality e.g. between Dalit women and non-Dalit women. Dalit women have contributed to growth and development throughout history. And even then they have remained at the lowest rung of the society, lowest of the low. What has contributed to this state of affairs? Which are the forces responsible for present insecure, unstable and dehumanized status of Dalit women? Many more such questions are addressed in this book. The entire information is organised under fifteen chapters besides authoritative statistical data." (jacket)

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