Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture : A Primer

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Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture : A Primer

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. Considerations in introducing integrated agriculture-aquaculture technology: 1. Sociocultural considerations when introducing a new integrated agriculture-acquaculture technology/E. Worby. 2. Economic considerations in introducing integrated agriculture-aquaculture technology/M. Ahmed and M.A.P. Bimbao. 3. Working with new entrants to integrated agriculture-aquaculture/R. Noble and C. Lightfoot. 4. Integrated agriculture-aquaculture and the environment/R. Pullin. II. Integrated farming systems: 1. Integrated grass-fish farming systems in China/H.Z. Yang, Y.X. Fang and Z.L. Chen. 2. Chinese embankment fish culture/K.H. Min and B.T. Hu. 3. The VAC system in Northern Viet Nam/L.T. Luu. 4. Fodder-fish integration practice in Malaysia/R.Sh. Hj. Ahmad. 5. Integrated fish-horticulture farming in India/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. 6. Culture of short-cycle species in seasonal ponds and ditches in Bangladesh/M.V. Gupta. III. Animal-fish systems: 1. Integrated fish-duck farming/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. 2. Integrated chicken-fish farming/M.V. Gupta and F. Noble. 3. Integrated fish-pig farming in India/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. 4. Backyard integrated pig-fish culture in the Philippines/F.V. Fermin. IV. Rice-fish systems: 1. Low-input rice-fish farming system in irrigated areas in Malaysia/A. Ali. 2. Rice-fish systems in Indonesia/C. Dela Cruz. 3. Sawah Tambak rice-fish system in Indonesia/C. Dela Cruz. 4. Rice-fish systems in China/Y.X. Guo. 5. Rice-prawn culture in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam//L.T. Duong. 6. Rice-Prawn and rice-shrimp culture in coastal areas of Viet Nam/L.T. Hung. 7. Rice-fish system in Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines/C. Dela Cruz, R.C. Sevilleja and J. Torres. 8. The case of rice-fish farmer Mang Isko from Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines/F.V. Fermin, M.A.P. Bimbao and J.P.T. Dalsgaard. V. Management for rice-fish culture: 1. Site selection: where to culture fish with rice?/J. Sollows. 2. Preparation of field for rice-fish culture/J. Sollows. 3. Stocking for rice-fish culture/J. Sollows. 4. Feeding and maintenance in rice-fish system/J. Sollows. 5. Rice management in rice-fish culture/J. Sollows and C. Dela Cruz. 6. Rice-fish benefits and problems/J. Sollows. 7. The rice-fish ecosystem/A. Ali. 8. Fish as a component of integrated pest management in rice production/M. Halwart. VI. Fish feeding and management: 1. Using animal wastes in fishponds/R. Sevilleja, J. Torres, J. Sollows and D. Little. 2. Sewage-fed fish culture/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. 3. Bio-gas slurry in fish culture/S.D. Tripathi and B. Karma. 4. Plant sources of feed for fish/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. VII. Fish breeding and nursing: 1. Carp breeding using off-season wheat fields/S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma. 2. Nursery system for carp species/Md. G.A. Khan. 3. Fry nursing in rice-fish systems/D. Little and N. Innes-Taylor. 4. Fingerling production in irrigated paddy/D. Turongruang and J. Sollows and F. Noble. Bibliography.

"This primer is an edited and slightly revised version of a previously published Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture (IAA) technology information kit. It contains 38 contributions in seven sections, covering sociocultural, economic and environmental considerations in introducing IAA technologies, overviews and various examples of integrated farming systems including livestock-fish and rice-fish integration, as well as selected aspects of fish feeding and management, and fish breeding and nursing in IAA. The document aims to give decision-makers concerned with agriculture and rural development an overview and a basis for understanding the principles of IAA and help them decide whether to embark on IAA activities and include these in their programme portfolio. For those who work directly with farmers, the primer aims at providing good examples of IAA, but it is not intended to be a compilation of procedures to be strictly followed. Rather, the primer should help convince its readers/users that farmers can improve their livelihoods by either introducing IAA or by further developing the many IAA opportunities on their existing farms."

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