Ambedkar Code of Conduct

D R Jatava, ABD, 2005, ix, 302 p, ISBN : 8183760120, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ambedkar Code of Conduct/D.R. Jatava

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Ambedkar the shining star. 2. Premises of Indian philosophy. 3. Refutation of basic theories. 4. Exponent of exalted humanism. 5. Rise of Ambedkar movement. 6. Empowerment of womenfolk. 7. Obligations of Ambedkarites. 8. Power of trinity principles. 9. Refuge in triple gems. 10. The code of conduct. 11. Enemies of Ambedkar movement. 12. The last of days. The epilogue. Bibliography. Index.

"The present book deals with the philosophy and thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar, carving out, at the same time, a code of conduct based on his life and mission, for all those who call themselves as Ambedkarites and also, for the youngsters who wish to be activists under the ongoing Ambedkar movement in India and abroad.

This work, being a piece of research, has discovered certain parameters as to know how far one may be an Ambedkarite, both in spirit and action. The code of conduct is undoubtedly strict in its rules, norms and ideals; however, giving some opportunities to the activists to be true Ambedkarites in the long run, is the specific theme of this volume. Hence the book has its own significance, value and wisdom for knowing the meaning, nature and scope of Ambedkar movement in India and elsewhere in the world." (jacket)

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