Issues in Educational Administration

R S Sharma, ABD, 2005, vii, 295 p, ISBN : 8189011995, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Issues in Educational Administration/R.S. Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Careers in secondary school administration. 2. The secondary school in transition--perspective. 3. Structure and size of secondary schools. 4. Outside activities and their management. 5. Administration of major types of outside class activities. 6. The principal as an educational leader. 7. The principal's role in discipline. 8. Business functions and responsibilities of the principal. 9. The role of the principal in school plant planning. Index.

"In the fast changing and challenging times of present era, task of educational administration has become comprehensive and vivid. It makes necessary that the person responsible for overall management and day-to-day functioning of educational institution should be a versatile, dynamic personality possessing leadership as well as various other qualities and qualifications. For without these special abilities, it may not be possible for him to create a sound educational atmosphere in the institution. What these qualities are, who is the person generally entrusted the task of school administration and what he has to perform are the deliberations dealt with in this book.

Issues in Educational Administration brings to the fore various aspects related to effective administration of an educational institution. Presenting responsibilities of the principal as the main administrator of school at the outset, the book proceeds to describe functions, roles, responsibilities of the principal in general educational curriculum, management and administration of outside class activities, business, school plant planning along with his leadership personality in the overall management of the school.

The book will be useful for principals, teachers and administrators of schools. In addition, general readers having inclination towards education field will find it as an interesting work." (jacket)

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