Ecology Wildlife and Tourism Development : Principles Practices and Strategies

A K Raina, Sarup and Sons, 2005, xxi, 336 p, ISBN : 8176255858, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: 1. Introducing ecology. 2. Wild life management and tourism. 3. Overview of the travel industry. 4. Tourist demand : measuring and forecasting. 5. Tourism planning and promotional measures. 6. Social and economic implications of tourism industry. 7. Components of tourism infrastructure. 8. Principles and practices of Eco-tourism. 9. Economic issues in tourism management. 10. Tourism and hotel industry. Bibliography.

"Today, tourism has become as an important instrument for valuable foreign exchange earnings including poverty alleviation, regional development, environmental generation, advancement of women and many more. Being the second largest net foreign exchange earner tourism industry is contributing a lot in the national economy. Each rupee spent by tourist in country, changes hands thirteen times and every hotel room generates employment to three persons and indirectly to nine persons. Recognizing the great potential of tourism industry India has drawn up plans to achieve 10% to 12% growth rate in this sector against the present overall growth rate of six percent. Tourism industry in India offers immense investment opportunities in sectors like accommo-dation, communication links, roads, airport facilities local transportation and in those areas where no other economic activity is feasible or poised. Tourism industry can also poise a threat to the ecology and environment if not developed on the principles and practices of sustainability.

In view of this, the present study presents a comprehensive view and an analytical understanding to form a strategy for tourism promotion through eco-tourism management. This book will help to develop academic interest in environmental and conservation of wildlife while developing the strategies for mass tourism planning." (jacket)

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