A Hand Book for Teachers : Research in Teaching of Ecology and Environment

A.K. Shrivastava and R.K. Ranjan, APH, 2005, xii, 205 p, ISBN : 8176489417, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Hand Book for Teachers : Research in Teaching of Ecology and Environment/A.K. Shrivastava and R.K. Ranjan

Contents: 1. Ecology and eco-system. 2. Physical environment. 3. Human activities and environment. 4. Environmental pollution. 5. Waste management. 6. Sustainable development. 7. Natural resource management. 8. Environmental issues.

"The author of this book explains the issues of ecology and environment in a way that is friendly to teachers and learners both. It discusses the topics of ecology and ecosystems, environment and pollution, human activities and environment, waste management, sustainable development, natural resources management and concurrent issues such as global warning, ozone depletion, desertification of land, acid rain, afforestation and eco-development, environmental ethics and our rich environmental traditions.

The ultimate objective of this book is to impart ecological environmental status of the country with knowledge of corrective measures to the upcoming generation of our country with a view to establish environmentalism and to prepare environmentalists.

The author, inspired by the SCI, showed his gratitude to Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for taking the issue of environment religiously and instructing the apex regulatory educational organisations to include environment in the syllabus as a separate subject. The author is framing other books on environment, appropriate to the students." (jacket)

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