Global HIV/AIDS Trends

Edited by A.P. Dixit, Vista International Pub, 2005, vii, 302 p, ISBN : 8189526189, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Global HIV/AIDS Trends/edited by A.P. Dixit

Contents: Preface. 1. HIV/AIDS: epidemic of global concern. 2. Transmission of HIV/AIDS. 3. HIV/AIDS and the vulnerable society. 4. Women and HIV/AIDS. 5. Aids to children with HIV/AIDS. 6. Prevention of HIV/AIDS. 7. Medicinal availability. 8. HIV/AIDS pandemic: the global acknowledgement. 9. Promising directions towards HIV/AIDS education. Index.

"Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the leading infectious cause of adult death in the world. Untreated disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has a case fatality rate that approaches 100%. Not since the bubonic plague of the 14 century has a single pathogen wreaked such havoc.

It is estimated that during the course of 2002 some 5 million people became infected with HIV, and almost 3 million people died of AIDS. The magnitude of this epidemic requires a response that confronts the disease from every sector. Education of children and youth deserves the highest priority in a world afflicted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This book reviews the current status of the HIV/AIDS epidemics, evaluates the approaches and strategies currently being used in each country, and makes suggestions for government and non-governmental organisations to planning effective programmes to control the pandemic." (jacket)

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