Aspects of Tourism Development

Saurab Kumar Dixit, Mohit, 2005, vii, 247 p, ISBN : 8174453369, $29.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Aspects of Tourism Development/Saurab Kumar Dixit

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The macro environment for travel and tourism. 3. The micro environment for travel and tourism. 4. SWOT analysis. 5. Strategic direction for travel and tourism. 6. Methods of development for tourism. 7. Evaluation and selection for tourism. 8. Implementation for travel and tourism. 9. Global strategies for travel and tourism. 10. Multinational enterprises in tourism.11. Management present and future trends. 12. Sustainability of tourism.

"Development of tourism has been the serious concern of every municipality, local governing bodies, regional and central governments. But tourism as a whole takes a lot of insight and resources to develop. There are geniuses continuously worrying over the tourism development projects, and devising various interesting means and ways to develop tourism in their areas. This book tries to delve deep into various aspects of tourism development.

The development strategies described in this book are useful for every tour operator, manager, developer and planner. It is hoped that this book would be very useful to tourism development authorities, hoteliers, tour operators and other persons associated with tourism industry." (jacket)

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