History of Indian National Movement : 1857-1947

Edited by R.K. Sharma, Sonali, 2005, vii, 360 p, ISBN : 8188836990, $48.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

History of Indian National Movement : 1857-1947/edited by R.K. Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Great rising of 1857. 2. Social and cultural awakening in India. 3. Extremism in Indian National Movement. 4. Emergence of Indian National Congress. 5. Non-Cooperation Movement. 6. Role of Swarajists. 7. Cripps proposal in India. 8. Swadeshi and Home Rule Movement. 9. Civil Disobedience Movement. 10. Revolutionary Movement. 11. Simon Commission and Nehru Report. 12. Muslim League and separatism. 13. Cabinet Mission Plan and interim government.

"The book 'History of Indian National Movement' has been prepared for the students of graduate, post graduate and other competitive examination of history courses syllabus in almost all the Indian Universities. The various courses conducted by various institutions and the Central and State level too have been considered in respect of their syllabus, course contents and requirements. Thus the material presented here would be of interest as well as great use to all concerned students. This book will provide the complete knowledge of Great War of 1857, extremism in Indian National Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement, role of Swaragists, social and awakening, Cripps proposal Swadeshi and Home Rule Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Simon Commission. Nehru Report, Muslim League, Cabinet Mission plan, Indian Independence Act, Mountbatten Plan and Partition of India etc. to the students in brief and impressive manner." (jacket)

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