Folk Culture in India

S.P. Pandey and Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Serials, 2005, x, 450 p, ISBN : 8186771417, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Folk Culture in India/S.P. Pandey and Awadhesh Kumar Singh

Contents: 1. Folk theatre groups. 2. Songs and dances of Tharu tribe in Tarai region. 3. Regional folk songs. 4. Ritual folk songs. 5. Garhwali folk theatre. 6. Alha folk songs. 7. Comedians in folk drama. 8. Bhotia tribal folk drama. 9. Index.

"India has a rich tradition of folk performing arts. These are characterised by a staggering multiplicity of genres, forms, styles and techniques. These are also living expression of the life style and culture of various communities evolved through ages in a variety of forms as dance, dance drama, song, theatre and play. Folk performing arts have developed in the various parts of the country in response to certain socio-cultural and psychological needs of local people. Moreover, these performing arts and traditions have contributed significantly in national integration social change, socio-economic development and overall preservation of cultural heritage and deposits. In this context present book has depicted the perspective of folk culture and analysed the dynamics of socio-cultural folk traditions particularly songs, theaters, dance dramas and dances of various communities of Northern India. It is expected that the present book will provide useful insights to the scholars of sociology, anthropology, social history, culture and also policy makers, academicians and those who are interested in this field." (jacket)

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