Central Asia from the Aryan to the Cossack

James Hutton, Manas, 2005, Reprint, viii, 472 p, ISBN : 8170492661, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Central Asia from the Aryan to the Cossack/James Hutton

Contents: Prefatory notice. 1. General outline. 2. Early history. 3. Mawaralnahr in the 10 century. 4. The Moghuls. 5. The Tatars. 6. Timour-lung. 7. Mohammed Baber : Anthony Jenkinson. 8. Seventeenth century : Nadir Shah. 9. The rival powers. 10. Khiva. 11. Bokhara. 12. Bokhara--Russianized. 13. Chinese Tatary. 14. Eastern Toorkestan. 15. The Ameer of Kashgar. 16. Badakshan. 17. Pameer. 18. The Khivan expedition.

"The scholarly work starts with the geographical background of the many countries located in the much varied region of Central Asia - bounded roughly on the west by Caspian sea, on the south by Persia (now Iran), Afghanistan, India and Tibet, on the east by Chinese Empire and on the north by the river Irtish. It then, goes on to describe the early history, various dynasties, kingdoms, war and peace between the kings from time to time, inhabitants and their customs, migration of population, important adventures, routes, etc. etc." (jacket)

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