Socio-Economic Research in Forestry : Proceedings of the National Seminar on Socio-Economic Research in Forestry, 18-20 May 1992

Edited by S. Chand Basha, P.K. Muraleedharan, K.K. Seethalakshmy, K.V. Sankaran and K.K.N. Nair, Kerala Forest Research Institute, 1993, pbk, 520 p, figs, photographs, ISBN : 8185041083, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Socio-Economic Research in Forestry : Proceedings of the National Seminar on Socio-Economic Research in Forestry, 18-20 May 1992/edited by S. Chand Basha, P.K. Muraleedharan, K.K. Seethalakshmy, K.V. Sankaran and K.K.N. NairContents: Preface. Socio-economic research: its relevance in forestry/K.J. Joseph. Production Forestry: 1. The use of participatory rural appraisal methods for joint forest management/Jeffrey Y. Campbell, Arvind Khare, Betsy McGean and Mark Poffenberger. 2. Socio-economic analysis of production forestry with special emphasis on eucalypts plantations/A.N. Chaturvedi. 3. Demand for forest products - a case analysis for paper and paper products in India/A. Ramanathan and P.K. Sudarsan. 4. Forest management and forest based industries: some lessons from the pulp and paper industry in Kerala/R. Anandaraj and K.K. Subrahmanian. 5. Economics of pest control in forest plantations/K.S.S. Nair and V.V. Sudheendrakumar. 6. Production and utilization of minor forest produce in India/M.P. Shiva. 7. Economic benefits of vegetative propagation of Tamarind/R.S. Kulkarni, K.R. Melanta, G.S.K. Swamy and S. Gangaprasad. 8. Enhancing economic benefits of Tamarind through clonal orchards/R.S. Kulkarni, S. Gangaprasad, G.S.K. Swamy and K.R. Melanta. 9. Economic considerations in tree lopping/J.K. Rawat. 10. Improving land productivity and returns from agroforestry plantations/Piare Lal, H.D. Kulkarni and S.N. Rao. Social/Agroforestry: 1. Socio-economic analysis of social/agroforestry/M.G. Chandrakanth, Gurumurthy and R.S. Deshpande. 2. An economic appraisal of social forestry programme in Tamil Nadu/M. Mohamed Mustafa. 3. Social forestry in Andhra Pradesh: an economic analysis/K. Malla Reddy. 4. Evaluation of village woodlots as part of social forestry in Andhra Pradesh/K.R. Chowdry and P.B. Parthasarathy. 5. Socio-economic analysis of social forestry plantations/R. Jansi Rani, M. Chinnadurai and S.R. Subramanian. 6. Social forestry in Gandhinglaj, Ajara and Chandgad Talukas (Maharashtra) of Kolhapur district/J.F. Patil and V.B. Kakade. 7. Role of agroforestry in meeting rural development needs/S.C. Tewari and Y.S. Negi. 8. Agroforestry practices of Central Kerala in a socio-economic milieu/B. Mohan Kumar, K.V. Suresh Babu, N.K. Sasidharan and Thomas Mathew. 9. Socio-economic analysis of agroforestry in Vidarbha/P.O. Ingle, S.S. Marawar and A.M. Mukewar. 10. Socio-economic analysis of agroforestry: a case study of Baliraja/V.B. Jugale. 11. Socio-economic analysis of Kapok cultivation/C. Sekar and O. Anchanam Alagia Pillai. Man-forest Interaction: 1. Man and forests-the eternal interface/T. Madhava Menon. 2. Human - forest interactions in dry tropics: linking past with the present/N.P. Melkania. 3. Man-forest interaction - changing institutional framework - some evidences from Maharashtra/R.S. Deshpande. 4. State, forest, adivasis and changing modes of interaction: past and present/N. Linga Murthy and B. Janardhan Rao. 5. Acculturation of some hill tribes from South India and sustainable management of the forest resources/G. Poyyamoli, S.M.J. Kennedy, V. Arivudai Nambi and C. Manjula. 6. Man and forests: changing scenario/R. Swarup. 7. The phases of man-forest relationship: a sociological vista/B. Nalini. 8. Impact of Western Ghat Development Programme on tribal women in Kerala/K.R. Lakshmy Devi. 9. Man-forest interaction: use and abuse - a case study/K.V. Devi Prasad. Forest Conservation: 1. Socio-Economic Research in Forest Conservation/S. Chand Basha, Mammen Chundamannil and K. Swarupanandhan. 2. To have and to hold: the ecology - economics debate and Indian forestry/P.J. Dilip Kumar. 3. The economics of forest conservation and sustainable development/A. Damodaran. 4. Forest management in Kerala: lessons and perspectives/K.N.S. Nair and V.K. Baby. 5. Conservation with development: ecological and economic analysis of dams in India/Vijay Paranjpye. 6. Economic benefits from better forests/S. Shyam Sunder and S.S. Parameswarappa. 7. Conservation and sustainable development of forests in tropical less developed countries/N. Manonmoney. 8. Social objectives of forestry - the role of foresters in achieving such objectives in the changed scenario - some views/V.K. Melkani. 9. Protection of forests - socio-legal aspects/A. Prasanna. 10. System dynamics models for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the forest sector of Kerala/K. Shoukath Ali and P.K. Sudarshan. 11. Forestry laws and society: a review of issues and policies/T.G. Arun and Rammohan. 12. Forest conservation in Tamil Nadu/Dhulasi Birundha Varadarajan. Recommendations. Author Index. List of Participants.
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