An Aging India : Perspectives, Prospects, and Policies

Edited by Phoebe S. Liebig and S. Irudaya Rajan, Rawat, 2005, Reprint, vii, 248 p, tables, ISBN : 817033957X, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Aging India : Perspectives, Prospects, and Policies/edited by Phoebe S. Liebig and S. Irudaya Rajan

Contents: Introduction: 1. An Aging India: perspectives, prospects, and policies/Phoebe S. Liebig and S. Irudaya Rajan. II. Foundations of aging in India: 1. Demography of Indian aging, 2001-2051/S. Irudaya Rajan, P. Sankara Sarma and U.S. Mishra. 2. Perspectives of research on aging in India/P.V. Ramamurti. III. Economics, health, and social networks: 1. Economic security for the elderly in India: an overview/S. Vijaya Kumar. 2. Health status and health care services: among older persons in India/Vinod Kumar. 3. Aging, disability, and disabled older people in India/Indira Jai Prakash. IV. Social and familial relations: 1. Social networks of old people in India: research and policy/John van Willigen and N.K. Chadha. 2. Issues of elder care and elder abuse in the Indian context/D. Jamuna. V. Current interventions: 1. Geriatric hospitals in India, today and in the future/K.R. Gangadharan. 2. Old-age homes and services: old and new approaches to aged care/Phoebe S. Liebig. 3. The role of non-governmental organizations for the welfare of the elderly: the case of help age India/Maneeta Sawhney. VI. Advocacy and policy: 1. Senior grassroots organizations in India/P.K.B. Nayar. 2. Towards a policy for aging in India/S.D. Gokhale. Index.

"This pathbreaking collection provides something that has been missing in the literature on aging in India: studies of various aspects of aging in India combined with analyses of current policies, policy trends and recommendations.

It examines aging issues from a variety of perspectives--demographic foundations, social and family relations, economics, health and disability, current interventions, and advocacy and policy. An Aging India also provides up to date references, explanations of differences and similarities within India's diverse population, examples of programs in various settings including a geriatric hospital, a major NGO, and old-age homes, and an overview of the development of India's national policy on aging.

The book will certainly prove to be a valuable addition for all scholars and planners working in this field." (jacket)

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