Cricket Skills and Rules

V. Thani, Khel Sahitya Kendra, 2005, 202 p, ISBN : 8175240989, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cricket Skills and Rules/V. Thani

Contents: 1. Batting. 2. Bowling. 3. Wicket keeping. 4. Fielding. 5. Rules. 6. Glossary. 7. Great cricketers.

"There is no person in India which is not aware of the game of cricket. People of all ages and both sexes are enjoying this thrilling game of cricket. Game is played between two teams each having 11 players. Game is played outdoor on a pitch. Bat and ball are main equipments of players. Batting, bowling and fielding are three main areas of the game. Game can be organised in the form of one day as well as test match. Team scoring the highest score is declared winner of the game.

Cricket Skills and Rules deals mostly with the technical aspects of cricket. The present study has been designed as a practical guide to the game of cricket in all its many aspects. The reader will find here a brief history of the game followed by description of various areas of the game i.e. fielding, batting and bowling separately. Latest rules have been explained, which will help one in understanding the game thoroughly. Throughout the work there are helpful illustrations on the finer points of play of cricket in action.

Everything has been described in a very simple language and illustrations help in understanding the text easily. All the present players, coaches as well as beginners will be helped by this book to a lot of extent." (jacket)

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