Early Indian Coins from Sugh

Devendra Handa, Sundeep Prakashan, 2006, xiii, 157 p, tables, ills, ISBN : 8175741619, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Early Indian Coins from Sugh/Devendra Handa

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Sugh. 3. Coins of the Kuru Mahajanapada. 4. Minuscule silver coins. 5. Punch-marked and Indo-Greek coins. 6. Uninscribed cast copper coins. 7. Kada coins. 8. Coins of Sujyeshtha. 9. Lead coins of the Mitras. 10. Tribal coins. 11. Resume. Bibliography. Index.

"This book presents an account of the early Indian coins found from Sugh, the ancient S(S)rughna, an extensive and very important archaeological site of Haryana located about 5 km east of Jagadhari/Yamunanagar on the old bed of the River Yamuna where it debouched into the plains from the Shiwalik hills of the Himalayas. Naturally protected on three sides by a bend of the river it occupied a very strategic position on the ancient trade route connecting the Ganga Valley with the Western World. Silver coins struck on the Half Karshapana (16 ratti) weight standard found from Sugh and in its vicinity can undoubtedly be attributed to the Kuru Mahajanapada.

It is for the first time that a hoard of a new series of the minuscule silver coins from this place has been brought to light. These coins conform to 4 ratti weight standard and represent the pada or quarter denomination of the above-mentioned coins. Unlike most other minuscule coins these pieces have silver core and contain fairly high silver content. Un-inscribed cast copper coins have also been found from Sugh in substantial numbers and so also the imperial five symbol punch-marked silver coins. Two hoards containing respectively two and one Indo-Greek coins and some stray pieces recovered from the site have also been described and their importance discussed.

Copper and lead coins bearing the early Brami legend Kadasa are known since long but their exact provenance was not known. New evidence establishes beyond doubt that Sugh is the provenance of these coins. The monarchical nature of these issues has also been established. Coins of the descendants of Kada including the Mitra-ending rulers are published for the first time together with the earliest octagonal lead coins of India.

New Data and analysis of the tribal coins, particularly the Kunindas and the Yaudheyas, has also been presented." (jacket)

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