Astrology : A Science or Myth

Sanat Kumar Jain, Atlantic, 2005, xiv, 441 p, tables, pictures, ISBN : 8126905565, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Astrology : A Science or Myth/Sanat Kumar Jain

Contents: Interaction. I: 1. Introductory. 2. Development of astrology. 3. Universe. 4. Lord of signs. 5. Friendship-enmity between planets. 6. Aspect of planets. 7. Set planet. 8. Exalted-debilitated planets. 9. Mool Trikon. 10. Planetary strength. 11. Vinshottary Dasha. 12. Rahu and Ketu. 13. Ascendant and vivid planet. 14. Name of week days. 15. Forecast. 16. One moment. II: 17. Modern concept of universe. 18. Retrograde and set planet. 19. Actual Rahu-Ketu. 20. Ayanansh. 21. Deep thought. III: 22. House of horoscope. 23. Central house and periodicity. 24. Rise and setting of signs. 25. Planetary Shadbal. 26. Summary. Appendices.

"Considered by some as science while by others a mere blind faith, astrology is a complex subject that needs to be studied in proper perspective. In the present book, Astrology : A Science or Myth, an attempt has been made to unearth the actual basis of the astrological principles formulated by our ancient sages, on which the whole structure of astrology is erected, and to blend the primitive knowledge with the modern concepts related to universe and solar system. Thus, the book aims at making the astrological principles scientifically logical and more useful to the mankind. All the basic astrological principles relating to Lord, Friendship, Aspect, Retrogade, Set, Exalted, Mool, Trikon, Vinshottary periodicity, Ascendant, Forecast, etc., alongwith review of Krishnamurti system have been studied in depth in the light of modern concepts of astronomy. A proper knowledge of the effect of ayanansh and also other planetary impacts paves the way for healthy development of the society and enables one to mould his destiny. The present book would prove a great help in acquiring such knowledge.

The language of the book has been deliberately kept simple so that even an average reader would able to understand it. The lucid style and the well-presented diagrams provided in the book make it all the more accessible. It is an ideal book for all those who want to enhance their knowledge of stars. The students as well as teachers of astrology will find it highly informative and useful. The book will definitely inspire the learned astrologers to come forward with new research in the field for greater benefit of human civilisation." (jacket)

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