Elements of Physical Education

Edited by Sharad Chandra Mishra, Sports Publication, 2006, vii, 432 p, ISBN : 8178792001, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Elements of Physical Education/edited by Sharad Chandra Mishra

Contents: 1. Basic concepts of physical education and sports sciences. 2. Plan for extension of physical education program. 3. Organizational theory and practice in physical education. 4. Future directions and prospects in physical education. 5. The function of coach as a leader. 6. Health care organization in physical education and sports. 7. The role of quality education in physical education. 8. The kinesiology as a field of study in physical education. 9. Leisure services in physical education and sports. 10. Strength and endurance training in physical education and sports. 11. The advent of physical education with the face of work in the present world. 12. Physical education in a changing culture and society. 13. Total fitness in physical education and sports. 14. Significance of exercise in physical education. 15. Importance of health assessment among children. 16. Perspective on program development. 17. Fundamental objectives of physical education. 18. Historical foundation of physical education--a critical study. 19. Planning, and organizing policies and programmes in physical education.

"The fundamental purpose of the present book entitled Elements of Physical Education is to serve as an introduction to the field of physical education and sports or sport and physical education as it is called within the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, one of the allied professions.

The book has been prepared in such a way that it can meet the needs of two different groups of people: (1) Those who are using it from the standpoint of their general education, as part of a broad liberal arts and science background; and (2) Those who are using it as an introduction to a field in which they will be prepared professionally, in addition to the general education function it can serve. Interestingly enough, it is very difficult to know just what name to give the field at present.

Hopefully, the present book will be very useful for the physical educators, coaches, athletes, students and teachers of physical education and sports." (jacket)

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