Biotech's of Dictionary Wildlife

Edited by Dinesh Arora, Biotech Books, 2006, 304 p, ISBN : 817622149X, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Biotech's of Dictionary Wildlife/edited by Dinesh Arora

"Nowhere else are the wonders of nature to be found in as much abundance as behind the dark shadows of the forest trees. It is here that the wildlife is found in plenty. Taking up wildlife as a subject of study demands one to possess extensive knowledge about the savage creatures that inhabit the jungle. A number of factors, like their ways of living, the natural environment required by them, etc. form areas of deep study for those working to make a career in the field. For this purpose, a dictionary containing extensive information regarding various aspects of wildlife is a must.

Biotech's Dictionary of Wildlife brings together a compilation of numerous terms pertaining to wildlife. A starter's guide and a knowledgeable one's reference book, the dictionary comes as a must-buy volume for those interested in the subject. Detailed explanations in simple language give it the perfection required for making a dictionary complete in all aspects."

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