The Indian Imagination of Jayanta Mahapatra

Edited by Jaydeep Sarangi and Gauri Shankar Jha, Sarup and Sons, 2006, xii, 193 p, ISBN : 9788176256223, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Indian Imagination of Jayanta Mahapatra/edited by Jaydeep Sarangi and Gauri Shankar Jha

Contents: Preface. 1. Birds and rocks (a tribute to Jayanta Mahapatra): a poem/Rudra Kinshuk. 2. Conflict, grief, and guilt in the green gardener and other stories/Reema Kansal and Amit Sarwal. 3. Jayanta Mahapatra and the poetics of pain/Niranjan Mahanti. 4. Jayanta Mahapatra's India "Because I Cannot Grow a Rose, I Plants the Seed of the Thistle"/Syamala Kallury and Anjana N. Dev. 5. The poetry of Mahapatra: an overview/Malati Mathur. 6. Reading Jayanta Mahapatra's 'Dawn at Puri' as an attempt towards circumscribing a local space against the politics of universalisation/Ashes Gupta. 7. Whiteness of bone: a treatise of Jayanta Mahapatra's meandering sparks and fury/Binod Mishra. 8. "Random descent": "the still, sad music of humanity" in the poems of Jayanta Mahapatra/Pradip Kumar Patra. 9. 'Gasping in the darkness': re-readings into Jayanta Mahapatra's life signs/S. Robert Gnanamony. 10. "Learning for ourselves" a study of Jayanta Mahapatra's select poems/K.S. Anish Kumar. 11. Contemporary abuses and the need for edifying generality: a study of Jayanta Mahapatra's poems/Kasthuri Bai. 12. Unvoiced pathos: the portrayal of women in Jayanta Mahapatra's poetry/Himadri Roy. 13. Frontiers of a muddled poet: Jayanta Mahapatra's poetic contours/Gauri Shankar Jha. 14. Poet with a heart of gold--Jayanta Mahapatra/T. Sai Chandra Mouli. 15. Random descent: matrix of legends/Nigamananda Das. 16. Jayanta Mahapatra: a poet of competent craft/Amar Nath Prasad. 17. Return of native: Oriya poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra/Chittaranjan Mishra. 18. An interview with Jayanta Mahapatra/Jaydeep Sarangi.

"Jayanta Mahapatra (b. 1928) is one of the leading contemporary Indian poets writing in English. His sphere of pursuits is very wide. The Indian Imagination of Jayanta Mahapatra critically examines various themes in the works of Jayanta Mahapatra. It is a compilation of critical articles of reputed scholars of the concerned field on the various aspects of Jayanta Mahapatra's works. This book is probably the first book that critically assesses almost all aspects of Jayanta Mahapatra's works. His strength is derived from bilingualism. This edited book on Mahapatra contains an article on his Oriya writings. His prose works often complete the circle and turn in themselves in such a manner that their form becomes the meaning with which they are haunted. This anthology of studied articles is not all about his poems. In addition, there is Jaydeep Sarangi's interesting interview with him. Since Jayanta Mahapatra has lived all along in Tinkonia Bagicha, Cuttack, his sensibility has been shaped by the socio-cultural heritage of his native land in particular and India in general. The analysis reveals that the works of Mahapatra are steeped in an imagination, which is truly Indian." (jacket)

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