Cultural Heritage and Educational Initiatives

Hemlata Talesra; Vishwas Mehta and Indu Kothari, Authorspress, 2006, x, 242 p, ISBN : 8172732821, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cultural Heritage and Educational Initiatives/Hemlata Talesra, Vishwas Mehta and Indu Kothari

Contents: Preface. 1. My story of the city within a city/Arvind Singh Mewar. 2. Tourism--of the people, by the people, for the people/Meenakshi Hooja. 3. Essence of cultural tourism management in India/Vishwas Mehta. 4. Cultural heritage and educational initiatives/Kripal T. Singh. 5. Sustenance of cultural heritage through initiative by educational institutions: an example of the department of Home Management/Veena Gandotra and Maneesha Shukul. 6. Challenges and threats to our cultural heritage and educational initiatives/Reshma Julka and Ummed Singh. 7. Interplay of cultural heritage and educational initiatives/Wasef Marashdeh. 8. How to enrich our heritage/A.P. Sharma. 9. Role of state institutions in attacking poverty: lessons and experiences of South Asian Nations/Hazen Al Khaled. 10. Libraries as repositories of Indian cultural heritage/Krishan Gopal. 11. Institutions' initiatives in protection and maintenance of heritage/Vinod Kakkar. 12. Challenges to monuments and educational initiatives/Yashvir Singh and M.K. Jain. 13. The processes and methods of enriching folk-culture and its heritage/Laxman U. Vadher. 14. Cultural heritage and educational initiatives/K.S. Vijayalakshmi. 15. Educational initiatives as a passage to cultural heritage in third millennium/Chondekar Nalini Ramchandra and Sonkamble Chetna Prahlad. 16. Cultural and behavioural perspective in imparting nutrition education to rural women/Pratibha Tewari, Nidhi Shekhawat and Sanju Choudhary. 17. Mass media and strengthening national integration and peace--a cultural heritage premise/Mangi Lal Nagda. 18. Role of family in inculcating cultural heritage in children/Maneesha Shukal, Sarjoo Patel and Neerja Jaiswal. 19. Religion, spirituality, cultural heritage and world peace/A.H. Khan. 20. Changing scenario of technological advancement/Ashok Bhatnagar. 21. Educational initiation to apprise cultural heritage: experimental report/Satya K. Sharma. 22. The journey of Batik/Abdul Majeed. 23. Educational initiatives/Mustufa Khan. 24. Udaipur: a scintillating white wonder/Dolly Mogra. 25. Indian Traditional Batik/Rashida Banu. 26. Baijnath: epitome of cultural heritage and ancient wisdom/Uma Shanker Sharma. 27. Let's know our village: Mandropur and the people/Ajitsinh P. Rana and Meena I. Rajput. 28. Education for community betterment: a multidimensional approach/Jasprit Kaur Soni. Index.

"Education and culture appear to be two different domains but they are inextricably interlined. The influence of one on another is so deep that the growth of each of these domains cannot be considered in isolation. In the history of mankind different cultures have evolved and many of them have vanished. Each culture is the net result of a continuous flow of environmental, sociological, geographical, and many other factors influencing the existence and functioning of the society. A culture which is open to new dimensions, ideas, lifestyles, value systems emerging in the contemporary world can survive for a long period. In fact, readiness to gradually change, develop and accommodate is the breath of a culture.

At present, mankind is facing many problems. It is our prime duty to make this world a better world than what we received from our ancestors in the context of enrichment of any culture. Keeping this in mind an effort has been made to bring various thoughts on the issue in the form of a book.

This book includes papers presented at the International Conference on "Cultural Heritage and Educational Initiative" organised by Rajasthan Council of Educational Administration and Management (RCEAM) affiliated to Commonwealth Council of Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) and West Zone Cultural Centre (WZCC), and the "International Conference Cultural Heritage and Eco-Tourism", organised by RCEAM and Commonwealth of learning, Gujarat State." (jacket)

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