Working and Non-Working Women : Preparedness for Family Life

Amiteshwar Ratra, Mittal, 2006, xx, 240 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8183240607, $31.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Working and Non-Working Women : Preparedness for Family Life/Amiteshwar Ratra

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgement. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Review of literature. 3. Research methodology. 4. Results and discussion. 5. Summary and conclusions. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

"Family ties in our country are weakening with the decline of the cohesive family. This book has adopted a holistic and exhaustive approach for studying the preparedness of family life among working and non-working women. It is well written with an in-depth understanding of the changes occurring in the attitudes of Indian women particularly with regard to family relations. The book outlines the importance of physical, mental, sexual and psychological preparation for marriage. The book highlights factors in selection of life partner. It describes the various types of traditional Indian marriages.

This book illustrates the various adjustment techniques used in marriage by both working and non-working women and maintenance of marriage in the light of conflict areas predominant in any marriage. The book provides an illuminating guidance for an intact family life and concludes with suggestions for future research in this area. It presents self-explanatory detailed case studies of working and non-working women's family life.

Written in simple and lucid language, this book will be of interest and immense importance not only to researchers and academicians in the field of family studies, human development, sociology and psychology but also to the layman for easily understanding the complex family dynamics among the working and non-working woman." (jacket)

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