General Plant Breeding

A.R. Dabholkar, Concept, 2006, xiii, 482 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8180692426, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

General Plant Breeding/A.R. Dabholkar

Contents: Preface. 1. Plant breeding-scope and achievements. 2. Reproductive systems in crop plants. 3. Self-incompatibility and male-sterility. 4. Plant genetic resources. 5. The genetic composition of crop plants. 6. Quantitative characters. 7. Plant introduction. 8. Selection: a tool for plant improvement. 9. Breeding methods for self-pollinated crops. 10. Breeding methods for cross-pollinated crops. 11. Inbreeding depression and hybrid vigour. 12. Hybrid varieties. 13. Resistance of plants to fungal diseases. 14. Resistance of plants to insect pests. 15. Breeding resistant varieties. 16. Polyploidy in plant breeding. 17. Mutation in plant breeding. 18. Distant hybridization for plant improvement. Bibliography. Index.

"This book deals with the various aspects of plant breeding, covering both the groups of crops--agricultural and horticultural. Explaining reproductive systems in crop plants, it discusses in detail self-incompatibility, male-sterility, plant genetic resources, genetic composition of crop plants, and breeding methods for self-pollinated as well as cross-pollinated crops.

An elaborate discussion on inbreeding depression, hybrid vigour, hybrid varieties, resistance of plants to fungal diseases and pests, breeding resistant varieties, polyploidy as well as mutation in plant breeding, and distant hybridization for plant improvement also finds place in the book. It is useful for post-graduate students of agriculture and horticulture." (jacket)

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