Gleanings in Botanical Research : Current Scenario

Edited by P. Ramachandra Reddy, Y.N.R. Varma and H. Ramakrishna, Dattsons, 2005, xxx, 427 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8171920659, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Gleanings in Botanical Research : Current Scenario/edited by P. Ramachandra Reddy, Y.N.R. Varma and H. Ramakrishna

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Frontiers of palynological science/P.K.K. Nair. 2. Pollen morphology of Indian campanulaceae/G.V.S. Murthy, P.K.K. Nair and Bir Bahadur. 3. Pollen morphology and aperture development in African oil Palm Elaeis guineensis/Jacq K. Ambwani. 4. Pollen cryopreservation, prospects of establishing pollen cryobanks for genetic conservation, allergy studies and apiculture/S. Ganeshan and P.E. Rajasekharan. 5. Aerobiological studies of Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy district/A.P.R.R. Reddy and P.R. Reddy. 6. The contribution of weeds to apiary honeys in some districts of Andhra Pradesh/T.P. Kalpana. 7. Microscopical analysis of Helicteris isora honey from Andhra Pradesh/K. Lakshmi and M.C. Suryanarayana. 8. Pollen and nectar source to apis cerana fabr. at Balipal - a Coastal Area of Orissa, India/K. Lakshmi and G. Mohan Rao. 9. Study of foraging preference of apis cerana indica fabr. through gut content pollen analysis. A case study in Darjeeling, India/Subir Bera, Arjit Das, Srilekha De and Naryan Ghorai. 10. Ultrastructural studies of Permian-Triassic spore genus Indotriradites Tiwary 1984/R.S. Tiwary and Archana Tripathy. 11. Palynostratigraphy and palaeoecology of Tamia scrap (Pachmarhi formation) of Satpura Basin, Madhya Pradesh/Pramod Kumar. 12. Upper cretaceous palynoassemblage from the Cauvery Basin/A. Rajanikanth. 13. Late Eocene palaeoenvironment and palaeogeography in Western Margin of Bengal Basin, India through palynological study of subsurface lignite deposits/Subir Bera and Manju Banerjee. 14. Angiosperm pollen in stratigraphy with special reference to Oligocence-Miocene sediments of South India/M.R. Rao. 15. Vegetation and environment of Palni Hills, South India since 50,000 years/B.P.H.P. Gupta and S.K. Bera. 16. Some new informations on the carbonaceous macro-fossils chuaria, tawuia and related remains from the Indian Meso-Proterozoic sequences/Prabhat Kumar Maithy and Rupendra Babu. 17. Definition of the problem of Permian-Triassic Boundary of Indian Peninsula/R.S. Tiwary. 18. Floristic evaluation of Talchir formation and its equivalents in other parts of Gondwana/Shaila Chandra and Kamal Jeet Singh. 19. Morphological diversities in the Bennettitalean seed bearing fructification - Williamsonia Carr/B.D. Sharma. 20. Fossil wood resembling pterospermum schreb. (sterculiaceae) and tectona linn (verbenaceae) from the tertiary of West Bengal, India/S.K. Roy and Shampa Mukhopadhyay. 21. On the occurrence of two monocots in the Deccan intertrappean sediments of Kachch, Gujarat, Western India/J.S. Guleria. 22. On the epidermal structure of Euryphyllum spathulatum sp. nov. from the lower Gondwana of India/D.D. Pant and D.K. Chauhan. 23. Givotioxylon ricinodendroides gen. et sp. nov. a fossil wood from the Neogene sediments of Tirap district, Arunachal Pradesh/N. Awasthi and R.C. Mehrotra. 24. Tertiary plants and animals\megafossils from Arunachal Pradesh, India/B.D. Mandaokar and K. Ambwani. 25. Neogene flora of Kerala coast and its palaeoecological and phytogeographical implications/N. Awasthi and Rashmi Srivastava. 26. Quaternary vegetational history of Birbhum district, West Bengal (India)/Gorachand Bishayee and Kashinath Bhattacharya. 27. Porate pollen grains from tertiary sediments of Southern India/Y.N.R. Varma, P.R. Reddy and H. Ramakrishna. 28. Nomenclature of Cenozoic megafossils/J.S. Guleria, R.C. Mehrotra and N. Awasthi. 29. Kamthiospermum chandaense gen. et sp. nov., a well preserved gymnospermous seed from lower Gondwana strata of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India/Shripad N. Agashe and K.R. Prasad. 30. The mechanism of meristem bending and plication development in the leaves of palms and some non-palms/D. Padmanabhan. 31. Evolutionary origin of vascular cambium/K.V. Krishnamurthy. 32. Structure, development and taxonomic significance of uniseriate macroform septate conical hair in clerodendrum viscosum vent/P. Padma Rao. 33. A contribution to the wood anatomy of Tournefortia L/B. Hanumantha Rao and R. Madhavi. 34. Ramanujamipalmaephyllum siwalikensis gen. et sp. nov., foliage shoot and isolated pinna cf. Nypa palm from Siwalik sediments of Darjeeling foot hills, Eastern Himalaya and remarks on environment/Manju Banerjee, Samik Mitra and Arijit Das. 35. The exomorphic and cuticular structure of a new species of glossopteris from the South Karanpura coalfield, Bihar, India/D.E.P. Jeyasingh. 36. A contribution to the wood anatomy of Jatropha L. Euphorbiaceae/E. Chamundeswari, Bir Bahadur and P.R. Reddy. 37. Pollen interplay in and around Dokriani glacier, Uttar Kashi, Gharwal Himalaya/U.P.S.K. Bera and H.P. Gupta. 38. Ramanujamiastrobus: a new pollen cone from the Middle Triassic (Nidpur Beds) of India/Shyam C. Srivastava. Index.

"This commemoration volume is a befitting tribute to Prof. Ramanjam's multidimensional erudition and varied interests. Many well known palaeobotanists, palynologists and plant anatomists were invited to contribute research articles. An overwhelming majority of invitees have graciously and enthusiastically accepted our invitations and submitted their manuscripts promptly, despite limited time given to them.

Thirty eight research papers covering six broad sections viz., Actuopalynology and pollen preservation (four papers; nos. 1-4), aerobiology and melittopalynology (five papers; nos. 5-9), palaeopalynology (seven papers; nos. 10-14, 17, 27), quaternary palynology and vegetational history (three papers; nos. 15, 26, 37), (fourteen papers; nos. 16, 25, 28, 29, 34, 35, 38) and anatomy and wood anatomy (five papers; nos. 30-33, 36) have been included in this special volume." (jacket)

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