Temple Art, Icons and Culture of India and South-East Asia

K.V. Raman, Sharada, 2006, xiv, 322 p, plates, ISBN : 8188934313, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Temple Art, Icons and Culture of India and South-East Asia/K.V. Raman

Contents: Preface. 1. Balustrade sculptures of Kerala. 2. Hoysala influence on Vijayanagar art. 3. The role of temple in the socio-economic life of the people. 4. Temples, the treasure houses of sculptures. 5. Temples as patrons of dance. 6. Ananda Coomaraswamy, the versatile scholar and art-historian. 7. Ananda Coomaraswamy on early Indian architecture. 8. The art heritage of Kanchi. 9. Bronze icons of Sri Vaishnava Saints. 10. A datable sculpture of Nammalvar. 11. Vishnu Temples of Tamil Nadu - religious and social interaction and architectural expansion. 12. Hanuman--the symbol of service, sacrifice, valour and wisdom. 13. Jainism in Tondaimandalam. 14. Some rare Chola sculptures from Kumbakonam. 15. South India's contribution to Indian art heritage. 16. Heritage in clay. 17. Some hero-stones in the Pandyan country. 18. Rama temples and traditions in Tamil Nadu. 19. Some Mandapa types and functions in South India. 20. Folk cults and practices--the under-current of cultural unity of India. 21. The ecological tradition in Tamil literature and epigraphy. 22. Sacred tanks of Tamil Nadu. 23. Pilgrimage--Indian concept and practice. 24. Lakshmi (Tiru) from Tamil sources. 25. Village Goddesses of South India. 26. Some aspects of Gopura: Tirumalai and Tirupati Temples in the light of epigraphical data. 27. Vijayanagar paintings at Kanchi. 28. The art heritage of the Pandyas. 29. Gopura sculptures from Vriddhagirisvara Temple. 30. Sakti worship in Tamil Nadu--a historical perspective. 31. Royal portrait sculptures of South India. 32. Imprint of Indian art in South-East Asia. 33. Indian influences in South-East Asia as reflected in the personal names. 34. Indian influences on the place-names of South-East Asia. 35. Deities and temples of Cambodia--Indian influences on the names as seen in the inscriptions. 36. Bali-land of enchantment. 37. Thai-India cultural ties. 38. Indian links with Laos-some recent findings. 39. Indian links with Vietnam. 40. Indian cultural links with Indonesia. Select bibliography. Index.

"This book presents a valuable collection of essays written over a period of forty years during the author's illustrious career as a distinguished art-historian and archaeologist. These articles were originally published in various national and international journals, volumes and seminar proceedings. They cover a wide range of topics, such as temple-architecture, iconography, folk culture, art and other aspects of history and culture of India and South-East Asia.

Prof. K.V. Raman has clearly highlighted the unique cultural relations between India and the countries of South-East Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. The style of architecture, iconography and the numerous Sanskrit inscriptions found in these places show the close relations which these regions had with India since ancient times.

The studies are based on extensive fieldwork and are amply illustrated with a large number of beautiful photographs. The volume will be of considerable interest to both the senior scholars and students of Indian culture." (jacket)

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