Fulcrum of Evil : ISI, CIA, Al Qaeda Nexus

Maloy Krishna Dhar, Manas, 2006, 402 p, ISBN : 8170492785, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Fulcrum of Evil : ISI, CIA, Al Qaeda Nexus/Maloy Krishna Dhar

Contents: Preface. 1. Pakistan: making of the Fulcrum of evil. 2. Pakistan's intelligence and security edifices. 3. The inter services intelligence. 4. Interference in Pakistan's internal matters. 5. Intervention in India: an overview. 6. Mission based operations. 7. Indian North East. 8. Intervention beyond the Misty Hills. 9. Interference in Kashmir. 10. Operations in Punjab. 11. Post-blue star role of the ISI. 12. Subversion of Indian Muslims. 13. ISI in action amongst Indian Muslims. 14. Intelligence encirclement of India: Nepal Base. 15. Bangladesh: collaborator in Islamic Jihad and Proxy War. 16. The Afghan Saga: surrogate to the global fulcrum. 17. ISI and AI Qaeda al Sulbah forays in South East Asia. 18. Islamic Jihad in Europe and ISI involvement. 19. Operations in Central Asia and XUAR region of China. 20. Al Qaeda: a kindred relative of the CIA and ISI. 21. Some joint operations by Al Qaeda al Sulbah and ISI. 22. Future of the Fulcrum of evil. Index.

"Fulcrum of Evil : ISI-CIA-Al Qaeda Nexus is another magnum opus from Maloy Krishna Dhar, author of best selling book Open Secrets: India's Intelligence Unveiled. A real life intelligence operator, the author has unfolded hitherto unknown secrets, birth, growth, operations, network and tangential evolution of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan from an intelligence agency to a terror-breeding tool and a fulcrum of evil. The volume incorporates details of major Pakistani security and intelligence services, structural and functional characteristics of the ISI and its devastating interventions in the internal political affairs of Pakistan. The author has candidly unveiled the operational thrusts of the ISI inside India, and India's intelligence encirclement from Nepal and Bangladesh. There are poignant focused revelations on the ISI's successful penetration of sections of the Indian political spectrum, opinion makers and the media. The frightening picture of emergence of Bangladesh as the twin terror-breeder of Pakistan has been candidly projected. The book delves deep into the ISI's intricate connectivity with the International Islamic Jihad Movement.

The book is the product of author's long pursuit to understand the global strategic manoeuvres, attempts to change the political geography of different countries through overt and covert means, transcendence of territorial colonialism to economic and military hegemony and Islamic fundamentalism and Jihad. The Fulcrum of Evil concept has not been borrowed from President George W. Bush's 'Axis of Evil' rhetoric. The concept is a part of civilisational evolution.

In wider global context, the author has traced the intricate connectivity between the ISI, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Royal Saudi intelligence and Al Qaeda al Sulbah; Inter Services Intelligence's collaboration with Pakistan's Islamist organizations and Al Qaeda in promoting terrorism in the name of Jihad in India, Afghanistan, USA, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Xinxiang Uyghur, Autonomous region, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Southern Thailand have been succinctly portrayed. This is the first comprehensive effort to unveil the darker sides of Pakistan's prime intelligence agency." (jacket)

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