Handbook on Environmental Auditing : A Road Map to Registration

Subrota Kumar Saha, An Organization for Socio-Economic Development, 2004, pbk, vi, 138 p, tables, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Handbook on Environmental Auditing : A Road Map to Registration/Subrota Kumar Saha

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Audit criteria and tools. 3. Auditing types. 4. Historical perspective of ISO series. 5. The ISO 9000. 6. The ISO 14000. 7. Integration of environmental and quality management system. 8. Case studies and organizations. Bibliography. Appendices.

"The book is a simple way to know the registration procedure under International Organization for Standardization (ISO) norms. It highlights how ISO series arose, its importance to the globalization to our economy and the consequent international competition for our products in terms of quality, productivity and environmental safety. In Bangladesh any developmental projects should have clearance from Department of Environment (DoE) before it takes off and quality assurance certificate from Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) to introduce the products in market. The book is not only designed for registration from international body but also dig out obligation for local quality assurance body like DoE and BSTI.

Environmental auditing is essential in any developmental activities and thus a course on environmental auditing is necessary in disciplines of environmental concern. This book is a first time attempt in Bangladesh on environmental auditing and designed for undergraduate and post graduate programme on environmental science and management in universities and colleges. However the book also presents an overview on environmental auditing to be interesting for management professionals."

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