Art of Reporting

Manohar Puri, Pragun Pub, 2006, viii, 385 p, ISBN : 818964520X, $51.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Reporting/Manohar Puri

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Reporter's job. 3. Reporting methods. 4. Reporters at work. 5. Types of reporting. 6. Functional aspects. 7. Practical reporting. 8. Typical reporting. Bibliography. Index.   

"A reporter should always be the part of the society, which he lives or works in. He should be friendly to the local people. He should have a strong resolve, courage and conviction to report something impartially. A reporter should always have a nose for news; he should always be in pursuance of some unusual news; i.e. "a dog bites am man" is not a news, but "a man bites a dog" will definitely constitute and interesting news for the people. Any one who wants to take up the reporting profession should have the caliber, capacity and resources to investigate some matter at his personal level also. He should be free from all the political and economic influences and biases. To confirm a news, a reporter should depend on all incident. While reporting, one should always see to it that only facts based on evidence are being reported. For this, a reporter should carry some recording device with him. The facts being reported without a basis of evidence may land one in trouble like being involved in defamatory case. In short, reporting is an area, one should tread on with due caution.

He is a modern and academic work on reporting. Utmost care and effort have been taken to make this book free of all deformities. In fact, this work is well-researched, analysed, well-knitted and at the same time comprehensive also. All the people associated with this discipline will undoubtedly be interested in this endeavour.

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