Educational Vocational Guidance and Counselling : Principles, Techniques and Programmes

Rashmi Agrawal, Shipra, 2017, x, 283 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 9788175413061, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Educational Vocational Guidance and Counselling : Principles, Techniques and Programmes/Rashmi Agrawal

Contents: Preface. 1. Guidance--the concept and objectives. 2. Foundations of guidance. 3. Types of guidance. 4. Personal and social guidance. 5. Essential guidance services. 6. Group guidance. 7. Individual guidance (counselling). 8. Career information. 9. Testing and non-testing techniques of guidance. 10. Career education models. 11. Guidance services in India. 12. Guidance programme in the Schools various levels of education. 13. Career choice and vocational development. 14. Job analysis and survey. 15. Guidance for women. 16. Guidance for children with special needs. 17. Evaluation of guidance programme. 18. Employment and skill scenario in India. 19. Self-employment promotion. Annexures. Bibliography. Index.

"Guidance and counselling helps a person in discovering his 'self', accepting and developing it. This book explains how guidance and counselling can make a person realize his/her self.

The book covers a wide spectrum of topics ralting to counselling and guidance concepts, principles and types of guidance and counselling, career information and its importance, psychological tests, non-testing techniques of guidance, resources needed to make the guidance, success, successful models of guidance, and so on. The subject is treated not purely from a theoretical perspective but also with a practical orientation. Examples provide insights into various facets of the subject and guidelines to those who want to be practitioners in the field.

It also includes material on emerging fields of employment, importance of self-employment, skill development in changing labour markets, specific problems of women in relation to education and employment that would prove useful for a practicing counsellor.

Teachers, those who have to guide and counsel their students in matters relating to education, careers and personal problems, may find the book useful. The book provides answer to the questions like 'what to do in guidance, why and how to do'?" (jacket)

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