Naam Roop : A Tribute to the Divine

Arpana Caur and Shailendra Gulhati, Digital Pub, 2006, 83 p, plates, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Naam Roop : A Tribute to the Divine/Arpana Caur and Shailendra Gulhati

From the Foreword: "India is perhaps the one country whose civilization and culture have survived intact from their first beginnings. It is a civilization that has given rise to a long series of great teachers endowed with both human intelligence and a sense of responsibility towards the community. As a consequence, different schools of thought and practice have evolved, some born here and others arriving from abroad. Because India and her people have, from ancient times, Cherished a rich and sophisticated philosophy of non-violence at the core of their hearts, tolerance and pluralism have also flourished, eventually finding expression in a resolution to respect all faiths by adopting a secular constitution.

All religions believe in the innate goodness of human beings and different religions exist to develop and strengthen this quality. The essence of religion is non-violence and peace. Therefore, if society is constructed on the principle of respecting the  natural and innate spiritual qualities of human beings, rather than on the specific beliefs of this or that religion, it will embrace the whole of humanity. It will ensure a practical combination of spiritual and secular values."

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