Art of Editing

Manohar Puri, Pragun, 2006, viii, 402 p, ISBN : 8189645218, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Editing/Manohar Puri

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Skill for editing. 3. Editorial expression. 4. Editor's qualities. 5. Editor and colleagues. 6. News editor's job. 7. Editorial ethics. Bibliography. Index.

"Editing is an art and it's not everyone's cup of tea. One has to have an extra eye to make out a seemingly right sentence, with a serious mistake deeply buried in it. A person drinking from the jar of editing should be equipped with the particular skill and up to date knowledge of his area of work. He should be innovative and creative, with always pursing fresh vistas of knowledge, through all the sources available. An editor is a person, who makes addition and edition on a well-written piece of literature, very often by renowned literary personalities. So, in a sense, he is the final and decisive authority, a student, scholar, teacher or even a casual reader can bank upon. If his mind or pen slips for a moment, it can have the great volume of injustice towards the whole readership.

The responsibility involved in an editor's work is cardinal he or she should have a serious sense of responsibility and commitment to the entire society. Caution, creativity, curiosity and credibility are the key words, an editor should keep to be an editor, he or she should always be a keen observer and studious learner.

There are numerous small and voluminous books on editing available. It appears that a well researched and comprehensive work on editing is the need of the hour. The present work covers all the aspects of editing techniques. This will certainly prove to be a useful tool for all associated with journalism and mass communication." (jacket)

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