17 Tomatoes : Tales from Kashmir

Jaspreet Singh, Roli, 2006, pbk, 152 p, ISBN : 8186939296, $13.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

17 Tomatoes : Tales from Kashmir/Jaspreet Singh

Contents: 1. Angle of heaven. 2. Seventeen tomatoes. 3. Hair. 4. Border cricket. 5. Nooria. 6. Captain Faiz. 7. Student of gardens. 8. Tiger. 9. Arjun. 10. Small pain. 11. Parachute aunty. 12. Remover of obstacles. 13. Garden of fidelity. 14. Heaven.

"17 Tomatoes is a series of linked stories that revolve around two Sikh boys coming of age in an Indian Army camp in Kashmir. Each story takes a minor character from the previous tale and builds a new tale, weaving a collective portrait of the border community. In addition to the boys, Adi (a student of gardens) and Arjun (a budding chemist), we meet a boatman's daughter, a celebrity cricket umpire and parachute aunty. From modern modern missiles to cricket matches, from religious miracles to the sumptuous gardens of Shalimar and Nishat, Singh treats beauty, politics, and religion in a gentle and humane manner."

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