Public Administration : Its Growth and Development

R K Arora, Rajat Pub, 2006, viii, 312 p, ISBN : 8178802384, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Public Administration : Its Growth and Development/R.K. Arora

Contents: Preface. 1. Definition of administration. 2. Public administration: its growth and development. 3. The principles of administration. 4. Bureaucracy and development. 5. Structure of organisation- public undertakings. 6. Personnel and personnel administration. 7. Public relations and publicity. 8. Structure of organisation- boards and commissions. 9. Leadership, policy- formation and decision-making. 10. Some attempts at administrative improvement. 11. O and M. 12. Administrative reforms in India. 13. Panchayati Raj in India. 14. Administration and finance. 15. Performance budgeting. Appendix. Index.

"The growth and development of public administration is to be seen in terms of the changing nature of organisations from small to big, simple to complex, local to national and international. The organisation is the key to public administration. Therefore, the need to understand the organisation dynamics and various concepts regarding organisation. Thus, this book aims at examining these issues. This will enable the reader a proper understanding of the growth and development of public administration." (jacket)

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